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Why do you need an air sterilisation system in your venue?

The air around us contains microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds. Some airborne microorganisms create offensive odours, other spread infections and others develop mouldy conditions.

In enclosed spaces airborne microorganisms are deposited on surfaces where they continue to grow to create and spread infections. Standard Covid 19 room deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures offer temporary solutions, as soon as an area is cleaned/disinfected the microorganisms return and so does risks of infection

How air sterilisation works

Our products use a unique process based on UV technology and a series of purification activities both inside the equipment and in the ‘cascading’ plasma exiting the equipment. In every case, our equipment conforms to all health and safety regulations.

This process freshens the air by killing airborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould spores, dust mites, allergens and by decomposing odours and harmful gases. The clean air is then released into the room, in a standard-sized meeting space, it takes around 60 minutes to clean the air and all surfaces from the initial installation. The unit can then be left on 24/7 to keep the space safe.

Completely safe

The UVC lamps are on the inside of the units and due to the unique design, the  UV light cannot escape the unit from any angle meaning it is completely safe.

Ozone levels used are substantially below the most stringent emissions regulations worldwide.

The units are compact and completely discreet, they are the only air purification units that are 100% safe for continuous human contact. 

Therefore it can be on while your meeting takes place. Meaning your Covid measures are best in class.

Why should you invest in technology as part of your COVID-19 cleaning strategy?

With the global pandemic here to disrupt the meetings, events and hospitality industry for the long term, even with the early stages of the vaccination programme being announced. Venues need to invest in sustainable, cost-efficient solutions to shorten the road to recovery.

Air sterilisation will not only create a safe space for delegates to meet but businesses that have invested have seen a reduction in deep cleaning costs and a reduction in staff absenteeism.

Interested in knowing more? Book a free consultation

Book a Safe Space Audit

One of our technical team can review your meeting room’s floor plans and draw up a cost comparison of deep cleaning measures vs 365 24/7 air and surface sterilisation annually. We can also perform a risk audit of your whole venue and highlight areas where human contact points can be minimised by AirSteril.

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